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1 – What is Caesar Cipher?

In cryptography, the Caesar cipher is categorized as a substitution cipher in which the alphabet in the plaintext is shifted by a fixed number of n rotations (key or ROT).

The advantages of using a Caesar cipher include:

  • One of the easiest methods to use in encryption and can provide minimal information security
  • Use of just one short key in the whole process
  • One of the best methods to use if the system cannot use complicated coding techniques
  • Requires few computing resources


2 – How to decode a caesar code to text?

We have an online tool that does all the work of decoding the Caesar cipher. You only need to enter the key (rot) and the code you need to decrypt. Use our tool at this link: https://caesarcipher.net/#caesar-cipher-decoder/


3 – How to encode text to caesar cipher?

To encode a text/phrase using the Caesar cipher, we have our own online tool, see this link: https://caesarcipher.net/#caesar-cipher-encoder/


4 – How to use the digital Caesar cipher wheel?

A simple way to understand how the Caesar cipher works is to use the Caesar cipher wheel. With the wheel, it is possible to verify how the alphabetical substitution occurs from this encryption model. We have a system that simulates this wheel, go to: https://caesarcipher.net/caesar-cipher-wheel/

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